Alabama Loans

There is nothing more unfortunate than when hardworking Americans find themselves in a dismal financial predicament with nowhere to turn. Because so many people in Alabama do not possess the collateral or credit to be approved for loans from banks or credit unions, one unforeseen expense could put their homes and families in jeopardy. 

Payday Loans in Alabama 

Give Hardworking Americans the Help They Deserve 

When an injury results in time out of work with lost wages, a holiday or child's birthday rolls around during unfortunate economic times or gas prices go up when money is tight, many people just need help getting to the next paycheck. Luckily for those in Alabama, payday loans help people through times of uncertainty with the relief and satisfaction that they can continue to provide for their loved ones.

The Birmingham News reports that there are over 850 lenders licensed providing payday loans to people who need fast, financial assistance. These lenders offer loans in the form of advances against a person's wages. Alabama payday loan lenders are careful to follow the state's regulations as they provide loan assistance to those who really need it. A 2006 report from the Center for Responsible Lending estimated that, in Alabama alone, people who were in desperate financial need borrowed more than $1.4 billion dollars in payday loans. Luckily for them, relief was within their reach. Because most payday loan providers require nothing more than a valid identification, proof of income and a checking account, most borrowers meet these requirements and have the opportunity to receive short-term help until their next paycheck.

With this valuable service, many people in Alabama are able to move forward in life without the despair and stress that can come with financial difficulties. So many Alabamians work hard every day to provide for their families, pay their taxes and contribute to the economy just to find themselves struggling because of one unexpected situation. Fortunately, people can rest assured that if they find themselves facing a monetary problem, help is available through an Alabama payday loan.

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