Arkansas Loans

From 1999 to the present, annual unemployment rates for Arkansas averaged at about 6%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even during times of economic difficulty, people still need to pay for required medications, cover utility bills or put food on the table.

Payday Loans in Arkansas 

When Payday is Too Far Away

 A turbulent economy can present problems for many people. One serious, random situation needing immediate financial attention could throw off someone's entire budget. The next paycheck is of no help when someone needs money right away. However, the bills keep coming, and the expenses continue piling up. No matter what the situation, whether it is to avoid the penalties and late fees on an overdue payment or to take care of a sudden, unpredicted expense, Arkansas payday loans sustain people when they have nowhere else to turn for a quick advance on their paychecks.

When payday is just too far away, Arkansas payday loans provide people with fast cash when a desperate situation arises. The Arkansas Advocates for Children & Families reports that in 2006, there were 281 licensed Arkansas payday loan providers. These lenders, regulated by Arkansas State Board of Collection Agencies, must abide by some of the strictest laws in the country in order to provide assistance to people who have no other means to get advancement on their paychecks. Arkansas regulations state that qualified borrowers can receive a maximum payday loan without the possibility of renewals or extensions, these maximum amounts need to be reviewed by each borrower. All fee's need to be reviewed by each borrower as well, as state regulations change one needs to understand there rights. When the borrower's payday arrives, the lender is paid back.

Even one unpredicted expense can leave people facing difficult financial decisions, such as having to choose one urgent bill over another, or crossing their fingers, sending a check and hoping it won't bounce before their paydays. So many people find themselves in the same kind of situation. Sometimes they risk overdraft fees for bounced checks. Sometimes they risk marks against their credit. Sometimes they risk the utilities being shut off just because their payday is a little too far out of reach. For some working people who do not have the time or qualifications to seek out or even be approved for a loan through the traditional channels of the banking system, Arkansas payday loans can be the life preserver that saves them when they feel like they are drowning in a sea of financial woe.

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