3 Easy Ways to Save BIG in 2010

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This first method, like all ways to save BIG in 2010 encompasses all income groups. It is not necessary to be in the higher income brackets to save BIG. All purchases should be in cash, unless it is intended that the purchases will be paid down within 3 months. Even with President Obama’s credit card reforms, the credit card companies are hiking rates to unprecedented highs. This applies even to those with the best credit. Paying off your credit card debt quickly will not affect you much, even with high rates. Do not put meals on credit cards unless they are to be paid off the next day.

If you are piling on debt, the higher rates will throw your finances out of control and might even throw you out of a home by means of a foreclosure. Part of this first suggestion, since foreclosure was just mentioned, is never use your home equity line of credit. Here your savings are really BIG. Your home might be saved from foreclosure if you lose your income and you have both a first and second mortgage to pay. A home equity loan is a second mortgage.

Buy Gold and Silver

Inflation is coming. Have at least 20% of your assets in gold and silver. This will be a hedge against inflation. The silver, preferably in bulk form, will save you if the economy hits unprecedented lows and there is social disorder. You will save BIG because the gold and silver has lots of upside to come. While those in dollars lose money your gold and silver will be gaining in value.

Pay Off Loans

Unless you are fortunate enough to be paying a loan at 0%, do your best to rid yourself of this debt. 2010 will be the second dip in the economy and you do not need to be paying off loans. Any loan above 3% on a large amount such as a car loan can really knock your finances off. If it takes a second job, do it. Pay off those high interest loans. Those of you in the upper brackets should also pay off the mortgage.

1 hour holiday payday loan

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We understand many people are in a tight financial crunch this time of year and don’t have the time or patience to get a payday loan. For this reason we are offering everyone our 1 hour holiday payday loan. If you apply and are approved for a loan before 5 p.m. eastern we can have the money deposited into your account within an hour. Click “1 hour payday loan” now to get started with the application!

6 Things that Affect Your Auto Insurance Premiums

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Insurance companies have a wide range of premiums. Shopping around can make a big difference in how much you pay. You will also see a difference in your premium amounts when you take a look at just a few common tips.

Type of Car

The kind of car you drive will affect your premiums. If you have a high performance sports car expect to pay more than if you drive a nice safe sedan. Cars with a high theft rate or a low safety record will have higher premiums.


Higher deductibles mean lower premiums. Premiums can be reduced by 15 to 30 percent just by increasing your deductible. Just make sure you have enough set aside to pay the deductible if anything happens.

Combined Coverage

Insurance companies will usually give discounts if you use the same insurer for your auto insurance along with your homeowners. You can also reduce your premiums just by shopping around for the best price.

Age of your Car

An older car may not be worth enough to keep collision or comprehensive coverage on. Newer cars will always need this so you will pay more. Another good rule of thumb is the more expensive a car is to buy, the more expensive it will be to insure.

Personal Credit

Insurers quite often look at your credit when determining your premiums. A good credit history can help cut the cost.

Other Discounts

Many insurers offer discounts for certain safety features such as anti-lock brakes and airbags. There are also discounts for a safe driving record. Your premiums will reflect any discounts you are eligible for.

Just by following these few simple steps and taking the time to do a little research you could see a big difference in your insurance premiums.

7 Ways to Find Hidden Cash

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In today’s rough economic times we are all looking for ways to uncover a little hidden cash. Because if we stand back and think about it for a second, there are lots of ways of putting more money in our pockets. Whether it’s saving or finding a few extra dollars, here are 7 ways to end up with a higher balance in your bank account.

Most people overpay for their cell phones. Check your bill this month and see if you really need all those texts, minutes, internet data options, etc.

Fierce competition is driving cable and phone service providers to offer discounts on package deals. Call your provider today!

While you certainly do not want to buy a years supply of pickled beats, there are some things that are worth buying in bulk that can help you save hundreds annually.

Many banks are now offering between $75 and $150 for anyone who opens up a new checking account. This is a total no brainer!

Cut down on your addiction to driving and burning petroleum. Carpool with a friend and save money, enjoy great company, and save the planet all at the same time.

Only you know how much junk there is in your basement or attic. Take all of it that you no longer have any use for and have a garage sale. Be honest with yourself and part with anything you don’t really need.

The list just wouldn’t be complete without this one. But there is an element of truth to all sayings, and this one is no exception.

Black Friday – Did it Push you Into the Red?

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Experts on retail sales are obsessed with numbers on Thanksgiving weekend — for Black Friday. It’s the biggest shopping day of the year and the day that retailers hope will help put them in the black. They’re also watching to see how this year went for clues about how the economy is doing.

The problem is it’s a bit difficult to tell. The numbers aren’t always clear.

Many stores expanded the number of early morning specials and hours to attract shoppers. Did you end up waiting in line for a deal? I did!

Fact: Black Friday accounts for about 10 percent of total holiday sales.

Fact: Online sales on Thursday and Friday after Thanksgiving were up 11%, compared with the same period a year ago, according to comScore Inc., an Internet research company. I like the ease of shopping online (it’s much warmer) but then I get the package and it’s never quite what I expect. So it’s back to the stores for returns.

Some stores, like Old Navy, were open on Thanksgiving.

Fact: The AP reported: The National Retail Federation, the world’s leading retail trade group, released data on spending and traffic late Sunday, based on an online poll of almost 5,000 shoppers, conducted by BIGresearch, a market research firm. The group extrapolated that total spending reached $41.2 billion for the Thursday-to-Sunday weekend, up 0.5 percent from a year ago; it reported 195 million people were visiting stores and Web sites, compared with 172 million a year ago. It also noted that discount stores took a back seat to department stores.

Another research firm ShopperTrak released data that showed that customer counts actually declined 1.1 percent for the Friday through Sunday weekend, but showed that sales were up a more robust 1.6 percent compared with a year ago. ShopperTrak derives its estimates from crowd-counting sensors in more than 50,000 stores, combined with data from the retailers themselves on spending and how it relates to customer traffic.

So what I want to know is how was your spending? GetECash payday loans are a quick way to get quick cash to take advantage of sales, or tide your credit card bill over until you get paid.

Payday Loan Companies May get to Stay in Arizona

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The governor of Arizona says she’s willing to consider legislation to let the payday loan industry remain in business. The public voted to kill the initiative to repeal a law that will make them go out of business at the end of next June.

The payday loan industry offered to alter their business practices, including lowering their interest rates, a ban on rollovers and an interest-free repayment plan for those who can’t make good on their checks at the end of two weeks.

GeteCash.com typically loans for 14 days. The finance charge for $300 borrowed would be $99.

Brewer said she cannot say whether there is a need for the industry which essentially provides are two-week unsecured loans of up to $500. GetECash lends up to $1,000.

The governor said some people need payday loans, “Certainly, there are people out there that do believe there is a need,’ she said. “There’s a lot of people using those kinds of facilities.’

Thanksgiving to Cost Less this Year

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It’s almost turkey time and here’s some good news for Americans — that turkey and the trimmings will cost you less this year. A Purdue University agricultural economist says that prices for food are lower than last year.

The food you get at a grocery store is about 2.5 percent lower this year. Why? The recession means a  drop in oil prices, Alexander said.

Wholesale prices for a turkey? about 81 to 85 cents per pound. Last year they were  87 cents a pound. You’ll notice that Thanksgiving is a great time to stock up on baking items, potatoes, canned vegetables and well, canned chicken stock. These items can keep for a long time too.

I love this message:

“Although Americans spend little of their income on food, the recession has made it difficult for some families this Thanksgiving…There are many who find their budgets tightened by unemployment, minimal wage increases and continued erosion of fixed incomes by inflation,” she said. “For these, any food price rise is significant. We should remember those who are less fortunate and share our food bounty.”

No matter what your plans this year or your situation, this holiday is about being thankful and about family. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. So I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow – from everyone at GetECash payday loans.

Debt Cards & Out of Order Transactions

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We were talking about the hidden dangers of debit cards. Here’s another: out of order transactions. This is how this works: your account is not debited in the order you charge or deposit amounts. Instead a bank will process your biggest debit first, then if you’re out of money you’ll get charged a fee for every debit you make after. If they took out the smaller amounts that you charged first, you’d only get a fee for the last charge.

So now a bank can charge you 4 overdraft fees – and they add up fast. Chase Bank decided to stop doing this and hopefully other banks will too.

What should you do? First, check to see how your bank processes debit overdrafts. Change banks if you need to.

If needed, consider a payday loan. A payday loan is more cost-effective than risking fees on your debit card. If you’re cutting it close, put a cushion there. Payday loans are more reasonable than debit card fees if you pay the loan back in the agreed-upon time (2 weeks usually).

Minimum Wage Drops in For First Time Ever

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The middle class is getting hit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that for the first 6 months of 2009 salaries actually dropped. It’s the first time that minimum wage has ever dropped. The program started in 1938.

How did the minimum wage drop?
Some states have tied minimum wage to inflation rates. So when prices go up, salaries change automatically. Colorado for example lost 3 cents and hour so minimum wage in Colorado will be $7.25 per hour. So far only Colorado has done this.

Minimum wage protects the most fragile of our society. They are the people we serve with payday loans. They are usually the ones who live paycheck to paycheck so when an emergency comes up a service like ours is one of the few places they have to turn.

Let’s hope other states don’t follow!

Debit Cards Ding you on Overdraft Charges

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People often talk about the high interest rates of payday loan companies. I read an article in Parade magazine about the high fees of debit cards. You get these fees when you spend more than you have in your bank account. With the holidays approaching it’s easy to come up a little short when you swipe that card.

Listen to this. Many banks provide overdraft protection even if you don’t request it — and charge you for it. It’s common to be charged $39 every time you exceed your limit. So let’s say your bank account goes to zero and you make 5 purchases with your debit card. You will be charged $195. Ouch.

It’s a lot cheaper to get a payday loan to cover you for a week or two. It’s fast and easy and you don’t even have to leave your home. You can apply online and have the money direct deposited into your account within a day.

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