Nebraska Loans

There are times between paychecks when money can get tight. Sometimes, it is possible to wait for payday to take care of obligations. Other times, however, putting off a payment can lead to more trouble down the road.

Payday Loans in Nebraska

Nebraska Payday Loans Provide Options for Consumers

Nebraska payday loans help people ease the burdens of being caught between pay periods when they find themselves in need of money. With the number of financial obligations, such as groceries, utilities, gasoline, rental fees and credit card bills, being caught without cash between paychecks can get pretty scary. Even one additional bill can put a person's entire financial situation in jeopardy. An unexpected medical bill, car repair or overdraft fee can cause undo stress and panic. With few alternatives for the funds they need, many people turn to Nebraska payday loans, so they don't have to put off until tomorrow what they can pay today.

In 2007, more than 180,000 Nebraska residents received payday loans. The Nebraska Department of Banking & Finance monitors the payday lenders that provide cash advances. makes the process of qualify and applying easy.

Some people pay their bills by writing checks and hoping that their payday comes before the checks clear. According to the 2008 FDIC Study of Bank Overdraft Programs, a large number of banks deliberately work to increase the likelihood of customer overdrafts that result in penalty payments. For examples, many banks clear larger checks before smaller ones, regardless of when the checks are written. This can cause confusion and trouble for consumers who watch overdraft fees and bounced check charges pile up. With Nebraska payday loans, the terms are clear and the conditions are straightforward. Borrowers write a check to the lender in the amount of the loan and the finance charges, and they receive their cash advance. When the borrowers paydays arrive, they deposit the funds into their checking accounts. When the loan is due, lenders cash the checks and are reimbursed for the loans. There are no hidden fees, no unclear terms and no future obligations.

Most people who used the services of payday lenders in the state only needed a couple hundred dollars between paydays. According the Center for Responsible Lending, $325 was the average amount consumers borrowed for each of their Nebraska payday loans. When people have more options available to help them solve any financial problem that might arise, they have more freedom of choice, and payday loans make the option of receiving a short-term cash advance an affordable reality. When people need quick cash in an emergency between paychecks, they can depend on Nebraska payday loans to provide the kind of reliable help they need.

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