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Sometimes life can be filled with uncertainty. When it comes to finances, there is nothing more distressing than being between paychecks when an emergency arises. It could be a dead battery that won't take a jump. It could be no electricity in the house. It could be anything that comes up unexpectedly.

Payday Loans in Oregon

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No matter the situation, you need help fast. With time ticking away, you need a solution. GetECash.com provides Oregon payday loans that help people get through any urgent situation that could be fixed easily with an advance on their paychecks.

Consider Jim's story. Heading out the door to work, he finds that his truck won't start. Since he and his wife only have one automobile, he is worried. Between paychecks, he doesn't have any extra money at all. He frantically goes to a neighbor to ask for a jump. However, after several attempts, they realize the battery is dead. It will need to be replaced. Jim cannot afford to miss work. He read in the newspaper that in August 2009, Oregon's unemployment rate was 12.2%, the 5th highest in the country. He calls a buddy who is kind enough to give him a ride. Jim doesn't even have gas money to offer his friend. All morning at work, Jim worries about the situation. With payday more than a week away, he doesn't see how he can resolve this situation. At lunchtime, his wife calls his cell phone, and she has a solution. As soon as he gets home, he will apply for an online payday loan. To make a long story short, the next day, Jim's neighbor drives him to the auto parts store, where he is able to buy a new battery and throw some gas money to everyone who has given him rides. He thanks his wife for finding GetECash.com to give him an Oregon payday loan, and then Jim sleeps very soundly that night.

Now, consider Marcia's story. This single mom comes home from work, just as the children are getting off the bus. She unlocks the door and immediately turns on the radio. However, it doesn't make a sound. She looks around for clues. The clock on the microwave isn't glowing its usual digital time. She switches on the lights, but the brightness doesn't come. Between paychecks, Marcia realizes that her electricity bill is overdue, and that she doesn't have the money right now to pay the balance. If she just had a few extra dollars, she could get the electricity turned back on. The children do homework by sunlight as Marcia searches for all the candles she can find. Realizing that she has no matches in the house, she goes next door to see her friend Sheila. While Sheila digs through the kitchen drawers, Marcia begins to cry. Sheila sits her down at the table and offers a suggestion that makes Marcia sit up straight and sigh a breath of relief. She follows Sheila to the computer. Marcia applies for a payday loan. That night, Marcia and her children make shadow puppets and tell funny stories by candlelight. Blowing out the last candle before bed, Marcia knows tomorrow will definitely be a brighter day.

Like these stories, emergencies can happen to anyone. If you need assistance, payday is closer than you think. GetECash.com provides Oregon payday loans helping hardworking people resolve problems easily. With a quick approval process, you can find the assistance that you need, often in one business day. If you are between paychecks, you don't need to worry. Sleep soundly, knowing that GetECash.com can provide you with the cash advance you need.

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